Nick Galieti has been a writer/author or contributor for a number of years and in a variety of applications or publications. Most notably Nick has published two titles for the LDS or Mormon market. Below are the books that Nick has either authored or has been a contributor and editor.

D&C 4: A Lifetime of Study in Discipleship, compiled by Nick Galieti

Nick’s latest project is now in bookstores and is entitled D&C 4: A Lifetime of Study in Discipleship. This volume is a collection of essays is 200 pages on just 7 verses of scripture. It is soon to be released by Eborn Books. It features articles from Russell Stevenson, Mark Miner, Stephanie Dibb Sorensen, Blake Dalton, John Thomas, Nick Galieti, and Jeffrey M. Bradshaw. Aside from contributing to this volume, Nick was the primary editor or compiler for the project.

tree of sacrament book cover
Tree of Sacrament by Nick Galieti


Tree of Sacrament (published Eborn Books) is a truly unique and powerful study for students of the scriptures and for those wishing to glean more sacramental worship. Learn of the history and origins of Sacraments from the time of Adam to Jesus Christ, up to today’s revealed ordinances. Learn the deep and wonderful parallels between the Tree of Life as revealed to Lehi and Nephi in the Book of Mormon to our modern day Sacramental worship. In short, learn how to accept the Lord’s invitations, “Come unto me and ye shall partake of the fruit of the tree of life; yea, ye shall eat and drink of the bread and the waters of life freely.” (Alma 5:34)

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Praise for Tree of Sacrament:

“In this slender and carefully crafted volume, Nick Galieti looks at the remarkable history and extraordinarily rich symbolism of the sacrament as a way of enlarging our appreciation of the sacrament’s meaning in our lives. The Tree of Sacrament is an outstanding guide to enhance our experience with this ordinance so as to gain all of the blessings promised us by God.”

Stephen D. Ricks ~ BYU Scholar and Author

“President David O. McKay wrote, “No more sacred ordinance is administered in the Church of Christ than the administration of the Sacrament.”

This book is a careful and thoughtful discussion of why that is so, and what we can do to make the sacrament more meaningful in our lives.

It establishes an historical and religious precedent for the ordinances of the sacrament by comparing it to the sacrificial offerings of the Law of Moses, showing that as the Law anticipated the Savior’s atonement, so the sacrament is a celebration of the fulfillment of the Law through the Savior’s sacrifice.

It gives an insightful analysis of the sacrament prayers, helping us to understand the symbolism of the emblems of the ordinances, and of the sacred covenants associated with partaking of them. To do this, the author reviews Lehi’s vision of the tree of life and Alma’s discussion of how we may plant such a tree in our own hearts, and then nourish it until our lives may also become representative of the Savior whom we worship.

It shows that the fruit of the tree of life and of the waters of life represent the love of God. Similarly, the Savior taught that his body represented the bread of life, and his blood the living waters, and that if we partake we shall neither hunger nor thirst. The emblems of the sacrament represent the body and blood of the Savior, and are therefore also reminiscent of the fruit of the tree of life and of the waters of life. Each also represents a covenant of the blessings we will receive if we will always remember him

An understanding of correct doctrine changes attitudes and behaviors. This book is perfect for young men and women who are trying to square their exuberant young lives with a reverent understanding of the sacred ordinances. The author points out that the sacrament is a weekly renewing of all of the covenants we make, so his discussion is also a splendid introduction to the reverence young people ought to feel in anticipation of their temple covenants.”

LeGrand L. Baker ~ BYU Scholar and Author

The Exaltation Equation by Nick Galieti

The Exaltation Equation is a self-published volume by Nick Galieti that looks at the relationship of Faith or works, and Grace, and their application in the exalting of God’s Children to their highest (infinite) potential. A second updated and revised edition of this book is forthcoming.

Using a mathematical equation as a metaphor, The Exaltation Equation will help the reader to reboot their faith using a new paradigm on the scriptures to revitalize what some consider to be the basic or fundamental principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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