Public Speaker

Public speaking is a special skill that can help transform audiences and organizations toward new ways of thinking. Sharing humor, and insight, transmitted by an engaging personality, are all sub-skills that find a natural home with public speakers. Nick Galieti has been a public figure and public speaker for over 7 years. Through podcasting and through various Church service opportunities, Nick has learned to connect with audiences in his own unique way.

Learning, changing, and improving, drive Nick’s teaching and public speaking style. While some Public Speakers use platitudes and catch phrases to engage audience interest, Nick offers learning experiences where the audience becomes an active participant. “Some show magic tricks, I teach how to perform the tricks yourselves.”

A successful entrepreneur, filmmaker, podcaster, and author, Nick understands the challenges in the human condition as well as how to overcome them. His vast experience working conventions for large multi-national companies at conventions all across the world give Nick the advantage of a global perspective. His dedication to his Faith Community also keeps him focused on sound and enduring principles. Trends and Social Agendas inform, but don’t control the messages that bring effective and lasting change.

As a professional of the Language Industry for over 12 years, Nick understands the power of language. Words have a force that can change the world for bad or good. Communication is important. But, understanding not just what is communicated, but what is understood and interpreted by the audience is key. Whether speaking with small church groups, or to larger audiences of industry professionals, Nick also takes the time to ensure that the goals for which he is asked to present are being met. To educate, to inspire, to impact lasting change, does not allow for one packaged presentation to meet all needs. Nick is able to adapt and to interpret the message based the special needs of each unique audience.

To book Nick Galieti for public speaking needs, please contact Nick with the details of your organization, the goals for the presentation, and the projected dates for the speaking engagement. Thank you, and we look forward to working with you towards meeting your organizations needs and goals.