Voice Demo

Need voice work? (Click below to listen to Nick Galieti’s voice demo) In addition to podcasting, and public speaking, Nick Galieti is a veteran voice actor for audio books and radio spots. Starting in 2019, Nick is the voice heard on the Latter-day Saints Talk Channel. Nick has done radio work and audio books for his own published works, but also for Book of Mormon Central, Lendio.com, Eborn Books, Homebuyer101.com online courses, and more.

Choosing the right voice actor or narrator for your audio book or project is not just a consideration of price. The voice is the brand. The right voice sets the tone for your product or service. The right voice of your audio book can be complimentary to the writing. In many ways, chasing a voice is the product. To give an example of what I mean, consider this example. Would you have Barack Obama do the audiobook biography on Donald Trump? I think it would make for good jokes, but finding the right talent is part of giving your product the best chances for success.

Listen to Nick’s voice demo to see if his skill set as a voice actor and experience sound engineer can help you meet the goals of your project.