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Documentaries can be produced the visual realization of a published work. Having a background in both audio and video production for a number of clients, in 2007 Nick Galieti entered the world of feature length documentary production and direction. Since choosing to enter the world of larger production lengths, Nick has produced, directed, and co-written two documentaries. Nick has had some success with these two documentaries (listed below) in converting non-fiction titles into cohesive and comprehendible documentaries that are able to interlace story and information in a way that is both educational and entertaining while also being respectful to the spirit of the material. Soon, Nick is going to start on doing a full-length narrative film. Scripts are being considered.

Picturing Joseph

picturing joseph documentary dvd

Picturing Joseph is a documentary based on the book, “Millions Shall Know Brother Joseph Again” by S. Michael Tracy. This is a survey of the forensic, scientific, and historical data dealing with the images (paintings and proposed photographs) of Joseph Smith, Prophet and founding President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Picturing Joseph explores the likelihood that an actual photographic image of Joseph Smith exists.

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Murder of the Mormon Prophet

Murder of the Mormon Prophet documentary DVD

Murder of the Mormon Prophet is a documentary based on the best selling book of the same title by LeGrand L. Baker. Analyzing the last 6 years of Joseph Smith’s life from a social, political, and legal perspective, Murder of the Mormon Prophet features insights from LeGrand L. Baker, Stephen Ricks, Richard L. Anderson, David Thomas, Patrick Bishop, Jeffrey Needle, Kimberly Smith, Joseph Johnstun, and Ted Gibbons. Murder of the Mormon Prophet strips away other narratives to come to a more complete picture of the true story, the legal implications surrounding the Prophet’s death, as well as the social circumstances that fed the cold blooded murder of Mayor, General, and Presidential Candidate–Joseph Smith.

Nick has also produced commercials or video content for LDS Family Services, LoveSac, HealthInsight, Real Salt Lake, and other commercial clients. This experience and understanding of both budgetary concerns as well as a need for quality production is the hallmark of Nick’s commercial work.


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