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A Simultaneous Interpretation Audio Technician is a specialized sound engineer working in the Simultaneous Interpretation industry. Simultaneous Interpretation Audio is a service provided at conventions, conferences, business meetings, market research groups, or any situation where a multi-lingual audience requires a system that facilitates accurate interpretation and localization of the presented material.

These systems include multiple qualified and experienced interpreters, but it also requires an equally dependable and an experienced audio technician who is aware of the unique demands of Simultaneous Conference Interpretation.

Simultaneous Interpretation Audio Technician

From 1 to 15,000 attendee’s, from 1 to 15 languages, Nick Galieti has been a trusted source for Simultaneous Interpretation Audio. Since 2007 Nick has worked for the top interpretation companies in the United States as a freelance technician. Nick now also provides the equipment to support the interpretation effort; either to supplement the needs of a larger conference or with custom made equipment that can fit on a plane as checked luggage for up to 3 languages with free shipping for domestic or international conferences on a budget.

Simultaneous Interpretation Audio Technician

Nick Galieti has worked for the following Interpretation Companies as a freelance technician:

Sound Interpretation
US Translation Company
A Bridge Between Nations
MD Translation
ProLingo Language Services
Global AudioVisual

Nick has worked at conventions for the following corporations or organizations:

Young Living
Church of the Nazarene
US Grains
US Wheat
US Soy
US Poultry Science Association
Abbott Labs
Natures Sunshine
University of Pennsylvania
Tahitian Noni/Morinda
Max International
Genesis Pure
Forever Green
Synergy Worldwide
Various government agencies and quasi-governmental advisory groups and more… (you get the idea).

A Simultaneous Interpretation Audio Technician’s job includes being a liaison between the company providing the simultaneous interpretation services and the end client on site. This could range from ensuring that schedules are in sync, that the client is happy with the interpretation being provided, to gathering power points (keynote) presentations that will be used by interpreters on site, even getting Wifi and access and water for the interpreters seems to fall on the audio technician. In some ways the simultaneous audio technician needs to be more than simply competent with the technical aspects of the job but must also be a project or on-site manager of all things relating to simultaneous interpretation during the course of an event.

Communication is the real foundation of the Simultaneous Interpretation industry, which extends to whom a company or client chooses to work with as the Simultaneous Interpretation Technician. While cost tends to be the “quality” that companies use as dominant criteria for deciding with whom to hire for an event, ensuring that the person who is simultaneous interpretation audio technician is technically competent, as well as a skilled communicator who understands the importance of relationships becomes equally important. This individual is to whom the interpreters will look to for answers about all aspects of the event, and this is the person that must be capable of solving any number of technical and non-technical issues immediately. This helps to ensure that the event is successful and that the attendees are able to get the most from their experience.

Depending on the event, the simultaneous interpretation is THE most listened to sound system at the event. Meaning, if a majority of your listeners are needing language interpretation, that means that the audio equipment and technician that is running that system is just as important, if not more so, than the sound engineer working the front of house sound system. This means that you need someone that can balance the many aspects of the event, and understand the complete sound systems and how they work together for a successful audio experience.

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