Getting married to Vegas

So, the past few months have included several jobs in the Las Vegas, NV area. Four gigs in five weeks, and it looks like over the next two weeks I will be there for two more jobs. I am not complaining, I love the work, and it is a sign that my clients are satisfied.

While Las Vegas is not everyone’s “cup o’ tea” I don’t mind it so much. I don’t gamble, and I don’t go to the shows. While one may ask what is there to like about Las Vegas if you don’t go to the shows and you don’t do the party-ish stuff, I have come to realize that I appreciate food and eating more than those things. It is a simple joy in life, and that works for me.

Due to that much work in town I have started floating the idea of getting a condo in the area and offer myself as more of a “local.” Hey, if it helps business, then it could be a good idea. So, I have been looking into the idea of becoming a bit more attached to the Las Vegas convention scene and all the simultaneous interpretation that goes on there. We shall see.