Puerto Vallarta Gig – Translation en Mexico

Grand Velas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - View from the 4th floor

November doesn’t often feature many conventions, at least conventions where simultaneous interpretation services are procured. However, when they do happen, those rare jobs become even sweeter when they are at an all-inclusive resort like the Grand Valas in Puerto Vallarta. 4 days of humidity and translation were not effected negatively by the hurricane that passed prior to our arrival (thank goodness). However, this job helped remind me of the importance for simultaneous interpretation audio technicians to not relay on a stable and sturdy sound system to provide the audio feed to the interpretation team.

Hotel’s, even nice hotels, are feeling that one way to increase profits for the conventions that they host will often hire on inexperienced sound engineers, or only supply minimum or poor quality sound systems. One or both of these factors make my job as a simultaneous audio interpretation technician more complex or difficult. Which is why I make a point to bring whatever extra gear might be needed in these situations, just in case we find ourselves in something less than ideal.

Mexico can be a challenging country to work in when it comes to audio. Aside from language barriers that can exist, some of these resort locations are so remote that should some equipment not work, there are few if any options to pick up a replacement nearby. Therefore, when traveling to these jobs it is important to bring the right amount of backup gear to service the job.

This particular job also featured a unique service that only I provide. Due to the design of our proprietary table top booth design, we are able to bring a table top booth, our gear (and backups) as well as quality receivers, in a case that flies into the country with us. Because I am Delta Gold Medallion status, that “checked bag” is free. This means the client doesn’t have shipping, or burdensome customs to deal with in the transport of the equipment to and from the job. This means that instead of shipping two heavy pelican style cases and one heavy booth case, we fit it all in one airport friendly container. This makes my service not only more reliable, but far more competitive.

That means more jobs at all inclusive resorts for me, and more money and peace of mind for the client.