What’s new and what’s in the future?

Life has been busy, so much so that I have not had time to give updates for quite some time, which is a good thing in this case. Here are some updates to take note:

Sound Interpretation:
My wife, Heidi, owns Sound Interpretation, a company offering simultaneous interpretation services and equipment rentals. By the end of August, we will have more equipment for rent than any other interpretation company in Utah, Nevada, and perhaps all other surrounding states with one possible exception.) We are in production for our own Interpretation Control Unit that is the marriage of practicality, quality, and real world demands. (More to come on this when it is released). She is also gaining experience as a technician herself which means that she is finally getting the chance to travel and experience what I have been experiencing for the last 10 years as a Simultaneous Interpretation Technician.

I have stopped doing podcasting for FairMormon, but have shifted to doing daily podcasting for Book of Mormon Central and LDS Perspectives Podcast. That keeps me pretty busy, but in a great way. I have really enjoyed growing in that “voice” and finding a way to share my faith with others in a format that is not belligerent or boastful.

Radio Gold Productions:
I have started audio journaling of sorts. I purchased a Zoom iQ6 microphone for my iPhone and I pull it out to record various soundscapes, or environmental sounds that reflect the experiences I have as I travel. These sound effects can be downloaded and used through the FreeSound community. They also will go towards future production needs, either in audio/radio production, app or video game sound design, and for sharing with others the sounds of the places I visit. The intent is that I can listen to these sounds and be brought back, in vivid memory, to the places I have seen and experienced in a way that is unique and unpolluted by the restrictions of visual capture.

Beta Read:
This new business venture should be coming online shortly. It is a manuscript accreditation and review service that I anticipate will transform the way books are written, submitted, and hopefully published. The platform will be simple in its service, but powerful in the tools that it will provide to authors, publishers, and literary agents. Stay tuned, this one could get very exciting.

Other businesses ideas are present and slowly being worked out. Some are my own creation, while others are joint ventures. Opportunity abounds and sleep does not. But that’s okay. We are planting the seeds of a much greener future, one where we feel more in control of our lives as opposed to the opposite being true.